Automatic Feedback System – Electric Kettle

May 9, 2016

PART I: Create a realistic illustration of a system that includes automatic feedback and its operation. PART II: Create a diagram of the system, "abstracted" in terms of feedback using cybernetic terms (disturbance, significant variable, goal, sensor, comparator, actuator).

‍In version A, I put the heating element as the sensor and the bimetallic thermostat as the actuator. Hugh told me to switch them, and at first I was hesitant because I didn’t quite agree. By talking to him further I understood that the nuances of an automatic feedback system are often debatable and confusing. In my opinion, both version A and B are valid representations of the electric kettle system, but I still lean towards version A because the bimetallic thermostat triggers the on/off switch. The heating element has no part in that since it only loses or gains heat because of electric current, which is more or less controlled by the switch and the bimetallic strip.